Pro-John Kasich PAC Summons Ronald Reagan to Attack Donald Trump


Summoning the ghost of Ronald Reagan to point out hypocrisies in the current Republican Party is usually something liberal groups do. But now a pro-John Kasich super PAC has called in support from the beloved Reagan spirit to attack the current GOP frontrunner, Donald Trump.

The Shining City on the Hill and its Big Fabulous Wall

The 2-minute spot opens with Reagan during his acceptance speech at the 1984 Republican National Convention, where he preaches, “In the party of Lincoln, there is no room for intolerance, and not even a small corner for anti-Semitism or bigotry of any kind.”

Then the ad cuts to Donald Trump, reading his own press release, in which he proudly calls for the U.S. to ban all Muslims from travelling to the country until politicians “figure out what the hell is going on.”

The spot then passes through clips from Tuesday’s media fallout where anchor after anchor challenges Trump – even at one point asking if various comparisons to Adolf Hitler gave him “any pause at all.” To little surprise the Donald didn’t see a strong connection.

Establishment Republicans Probably Agree: “What the Hell Is Going On?”

Ohio Governor John Kasich is about as “establishment” as it gets, and he has been arguably one of the most outspoken critics of Trump, out of anyone on the primetime debate stage – and his allied super PAC has always followed suit.

New Day For America became one of the first establishment groups to seriously target Trump, after it announced it would drop $2.5 million attacking the real estate mogul. Those early attack ads almost earned the group a lawsuit, but they ran the spots anyway.

But like nearly every other attack on Trump, this $2.5 million ad campaign will likely leave him unscathed. It seems like the crazier his campaign gets, the greater his lead becomes in the polls, leaving his opponents in the dust.



John Kasich’s Not-So-Warm Welcome For Donald Trump


Donald Trump made his first campaign stop in Ohio last night, but he didn’t do so with the blessing of the state’s governor, John Kasich. Instead, Kasich’s welcoming gift for Trump was the announcement of an all out ad blitz attacking the real estate tycoon from all sides.

New Day for America, a pro-Kasich super PAC, backed him up with their own $2.5 million attack, bankrolled by nearly a dozen new major donors, all dedicated to knocking Trump out of first place.

Kasich Hits Trump’s Plan for a Muslim Database

Late last week, Donald Trump told NBC news that he “would certainly implement” a database system to list and track Muslims in the United States. Although he has since walked back the statement, it didn’t stop his criticizers to go as far as tocompare him to Adolf Hitler.

Trump’s Republican rivals were quick to call such a database “unconstitutional,” and John Kasich wasn’t going to let him get away with a flip-flop. This ad from the Kasich campaign features the raw footage of Trump’s endorsement for a religious database, before cutting to a Fox News interview where Trump denies he supported one.

The ad ends asking, “Does Donald Trump even know what he’s talking about?”

Kasich’s Super PAC Follows Up With Another Blow

After Kasich’s campaign released their attack ad, New Day for America released “Trump’s Greatest Hits – Part 1” – a litany of Trump’s most controversial statements since he announced his candidacy. The web video ends with “To Be Continued,” – a safe bet that Trump is likely to make more controversial statements in the future.

This 47-second web video is part of a $2.5 million ad buy that will include radio, T.V., mail and online ads in New Hampshire and other early voting states.

Is John Kasich Trying to Command the Anti-Trump Army?

John Kasich staked out his position as a fervent Trump disbeliever in the last two GOP debates where he warned Republican voters they were on the verge of“picking someone who cannot do this job.” He also said Trump’s plan to deport 11 million immigrants was “not an adult argument.”

Kasich’s push against Trump is the latest establishment war waged against the front-running billionaire. Club for Growth, a Republican 501(c)(4) with wealthy backers, is still working towards dismantling Trump’s campaign.

And last week Liz Mair, a well-regarded Republican aide, announced that secret, wealthy GOP donors are planning a “guerrilla campaign” to “defeat and destroy” Trump’s candidacy.

But so far, the bombastic billionaire has broken all the laws of presidential campaign physics and he still commands the top spot in the polls. If establishment Republicans want to prevent a Trump regime, it’s going to take a serious insurgency.