Rand Paul Goes ‘Willie Horton’ On Refugees


Kentucky Senator Rand Paul was one of the early outspoken voices to criticize the U.S.’s current refugee policy. And now that most of his Republican counterparts are also saying “no” to refugees, he wants to make sure voters know that he said it first.

In his latest ad, Paul turns refugees into modern day Willie Hortons – warning that being soft on immigration, like Rubio and Cruz, is an open invitation for would-be terrorists to sneak into the U.S.

Dukakis Gave Prisoners Passes, Rubio and Cruz Give Refugees Boarding Passes

The ad tells the story of two al-Qaeda supporters who snuck into Kentucky in 2005, disguised as Iraqi refugees.

The narrator explains how the two were “welcomed into America, given public housing and public assistance,” while simultaneously conspiring to send “heavy arms to al-Qaeda” and attack an American Army captain.

Paul uses this alarming story to challenge fellow Senators Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz, who we see speaking favorably about immigration and the U.S.’s obligation to house refugees.

Paul explains that he didn’t support Rubio’s immigration bill from the start because he “didn’t believe there was enough scrutiny for those who might come and attack us” – well before the current refugee debate that recently dominated headlines.

In a press release, Paul’s campaign team said, “Unlike Senators Cruz and Rubio, Rand Paul has always fought to defend our borders and protect American interests.”

Where Has Rand Paul Been?

The Rand Paul campaign has been relatively silent for the last couple months. Other than showing up at debates and daytime talk shows, we haven’t seen much of the Libertarian senator in the way of political ads.

Although Paul barely made the cut for the primetime stage in the last GOP debate, he still came out swinging when the cameras turned his way – frequently challenging Rubio, Cruz and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie.

With this latest spot he is taking that same combative posture – clearly hoping it will be enough to lift him from the back of the Republican pack as the first caucuses and primaries are fast approaching.


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