Chris Christie Camp Capitalizes on Good News in New Hampshire


New Jersey Governor and self-described straight talker, Chris Christie is taking advantage of America’s rejuvenated palette for tough leadership now that national security is on the country’s mind.

Despite being arguably out-bullied by Donald Trump, Christie is doing relatively well in New Hampshire – having recently landed an influential endorsement from theNew Hampshire Union Leader. Pro-Christie super PAC, America Leads, is capitalizing on this lucky second look at their favorite candidate with a new ad campaign in the Granite State.


As The Washington Post notes, Chris Christie is betting that once voters are finished flirting with Donald Trump and two freshman senators, he will be in a good position to woo voters as a tough outsider.

The odds aren’t really in his favor, but nonetheless Christie is doubling down on his credentials as a U.S. attorney who prosecuted terrorists as governor.


This 30-second spot relies on an oft-repeated Republican idea – “political correctness” is dooming America, and since President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton won’t ever say the words “radical Islamic terrorism” they are giving in to the ideas tearing the country apart.

Christie ends with a reminder that he is still 2016’s original tough-guy politician. And you better not forget it, buddy.

Chris Christie’s High Stakes Bet: All In On New Hampshire

Make no mistake, Donald Trump still has a commanding lead in New Hampshire, but Christie holds a comfortable second. And he earned it – he has visited the Granite State 50 times and held more than 112 events there.

However, Christie’s campaign and allied super PACs don’t have the same level of infrastructure or support in any other state, so even if he wins New Hampshire, the question is… then what?


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