Ted Cruz Vows to ‘Kill the Terrorists’


For a candidate who once cooked bacon with a machine gun to make a viral video, Ted Cruz’s political ads have gotten a lot more serious. In his latest 30-second T.V. spot, the straight-faced senator vows that if he is elected president, he will “kill the terrorists,” and “never apologize for America.”

In the spot, Cruz echoes an increasingly popular Republican talking point, that, “Under President Obama and Secretary Clinton, the world is more dangerous.” He goes on to challenge “every Islamic militant,” promising “if you wage jihad against [the United States], you’re signing your death warrant.”

The ad comes after a barrage of attacks from the Rubio camp, which is continually hitting Cruz on national security for his support of ending the NSA’s metadata collection program.

Cruz’s ad first aired in Iowa on Saturday, during the Big 10 Conference’s football championship game, which featured the Iowa Hawkeyes. It will run for the next week, and will be interspersed with another ad featuring an endorsement from Representative Steve King – another hardline conservative politician, who represents a chunk of western Iowa.


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