Tailgaters for Jeb!


In his latest attempt to show that he isn’t as boring as he may sometimes seem, Jeb Bush just released this web ad featuring his time partying with college football fans during the Southeastern Conference (SEC).

Unfortunately, we don’t get to see Jeb shotgunning beers with rowdy face-painted college students, but there are plenty of clips of him joking around and hanging out with collar-popped, football loving dudes throughout Southern colleges.

The SEC football games have become a campaigning bonanza, especially for Republican candidates looking to drum-up more support in the South. The Southern states with colleges participating in the games have even banded together to re-dub Super Tuesday as the “SEC Primary.”

The Bush campaign’s SEC tour started slightly off-kilter, when it remade a Jeb logo that looked identical to the SEC’s, and then slapped it on a bunch of Jeb Bush merchandise.


But, as cool as the beer koozies and shirts looked, the SEC was not happy about having their logo borderline ripped-off, and the Bush campaign had to remove the swag from their campaign store.

No big loss on the koozies though… they make it too hard shotgun the beer.



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