The Curious Case of Carson’s Foreign Policy


Ben Carson has been having a hard time defending his stance on foreign policy. So to put any suspicion of his credentials to bed, Carson spent his Thanksgiving weekend at a Syrian refugee camp in Jordan. During his trip he came to the conclusion that the refugee crisis was actually Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton’s fault.

Syrian Refugee Crisis? Thanks Obama!

In this ad, Carson accuses the president of directly attacking him for his opposition to accepting refugees. Carson then adds that the region’s turmoil was the result of Obama and Clinton’s “failed tough-talk, but do-nothing policies.”

After blaming the President (not ISIS) for the displacement of thousands of Syrian refugees, Carson channels a bit of Donald Trump (or maybe Charlie Sheen) and says we need “leaders who will stop whining, and start winning.”

What Did Ben Carson Learn From His Field Trip to Jordan?

The November 13 terrorist attacks in Paris shifted the country’s attention to foreign policy – not one of Carson’s strong suits. Since then, Carson has been quickly losing ground to his better-rehearsed Republican rivals. 

But Carson seems to have had a change of heart since he compared Syrian refugees to rabid dogs, only two weeks ago. Now, he is promoting a policy of increasing U.S. aid to Jordan – a policy his conservative counterparts will surely challenge.

But after all, the retired neurosurgeon is on a foreign policy “learning curve,”according to his top advisor – so maybe his critics should go easy on him… or would that count as whining?


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