Marco Rubio and the (Cuban) American Dream


Marco Rubio’s campaign rolled out its second T.V. ad over the holiday weekend – a $20 million toast to his father who immigrated to the United States from Cuba and worked as a bartender. If you have ever heard Rubio’s stump speech (or read a Steinbeck novel), then his story probably sounds familiar.

‘My father was an immigrant… Stop me if you’ve heard this one before.’

The ad tells the story of what Rubio calls the “essence of the American dream.” Sounding much like Barack Obama in 2008, (who was also a junior senator at the time) Rubio wants to remind voters that he came from humble beginnings.

In the ad, Rubio reminisces of being a kid and hearing his father’s keys clack against the door when he came home late at night – a sound many working-class Americans are probably familiar with.

Rubio then recalls how his father worked hard to make sure that “all the doors that closed for him,” were open for Marco and his siblings. And as Rubio explains, it was his father standing “behind a portable bar, in the back of a room, for all those years,” that allowed Marco the opportunity to eventually “stand behind this podium… in this nation.”

Rubio’s $20 Million Toast to his Bartending Dad

The 60-second biographical ad began airing in Iowa and New Hampshire on Thanksgiving Day – perfect for all those other humble American families huddled around the T.V. screen for Turkey Day football games.

The spot is set to air through February and will also run in South Carolina and Nevada.


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