Donald Trump Brings an Attack Ad to a Knife Fight


Only in this election cycle would a front-runner defend claims that he once tried to kill someone. But in recent weeks that is exactly what Ben Carson has had to do – and his primary rival, Donald Trump, is having none of it.

Capping off a week of mercilessly attacking Carson, Trump cut this Friday the 13ththemed Instagram attack ad, challenging Carson’s life story of personal redemption.

Set to a tune reminiscent of the theme song to the 1980s slasher flick, Halloween, we see footage of Carson recalling the time he tried to stab his friend with a “large camping knife” – Jason Voorhees-style. The ad then jumps to a CNN interview of Carson’s former neighbor who suggests the story may be false.

The ad asks in bold letters if Carson is a “violent criminal” or a “pathological liar” before concluding: “We don’t need either as president.”

Carson responded to the ad by saying, “I think its gonna’ hurt him.” Hopefully for Trump, Ben Carson doesn’t mean that literally.


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