10 Ways Ben Carson Mocks the Media ‘Witch Hunt’ Against Him


A renewed barrage of media investigations into Dr. Ben Carson’s past has the potential to put the retired neurosurgeon on the defensive just as he is enjoying his newly-minted status as Republican frontrunner.

So in order to stay ahead of any other potentially damaging stories from the media, Carson’s campaign cut this ad mockingly listing trivial missteps Carson made in his youth.

‘Next week it’ll be my kindergarten teacher who said I peed in my pants!’

The video features ten of Carson’s campaign staffers holding up paper signs, ironically “confessing” to some insignificant mistake he made growing up, like “accidentally offending a cupcake by calling it a muffin.”

Carson tweeted out the video saying his campaign, “wanted to make sure to stay ahead of ‘breaking stories’ in the news.”

Ben Carson Says He Is a ‘Threat to the Secular Progressive Movement’

Carson’s impressive and influential life story has made him a household name in the African-American community. His 1990 memoir Gifted Hands, chronicled his troubled childhood and road to redemption – a life journey that is key to his campaign platform (since he has no experience in public office).

But details of Carson’s inspirational life story have been challenged in recent weeks, as many media outlets have expanded their investigations into his past.

But on Friday, Carson told journalists at a press conference, “My prediction is that all of you guys piling on is actually going to help me.”

Well for the time being, that prediction may be coming true. From the last week alone, his campaign announced that it raised $3.5 million from “10,000 donations each day.”


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