Carly Fiorina’s Super PAC May Have More Influence Than You Think


While many Americans are still trying to figure out the difference between a PAC and a super PAC Carly Fiorina’s team is having no trouble coordinating with her own super PAC right up to the legal limits.

CARLY for America has an unusually large amount of power for a super PAC – it manages her ground game, covers the cost of most of her events, controls her grassroots infrastructure and even oversees voter mobilization.

The PAC seems to have a heavy hand in making her political spots also. The group released this boundaries-breaking spot in New Hampshire after she officially filed in the first-in-the-nation primary.

The ad shows Fiorina surrounded by a group of supporters (all wearing shirts and hats from her super PAC) as she reassures them that her campaign is still building momentum in the Granite State. What it also shows is aborted fetuses – shocking images that provoke our graphic content warning.

In the fourth Republican debate, the national polling average shows Fiorina in sixth among her GOP rivals.


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