Will Nevada’s Latinos Get Onboard with Bernie’s Political Revolución?


Few Latino voters had heard of Bernie Sanders when he launched his campaign in May… and unfortunately for him, that hasn’t really changed.

But the Sanders campaign is trying to fix that problem by launching its first Spanish-speaking radio ad in Nevada, ahead of his visit to the early caucus state.

The ad tells a story that many Latino voters can identify with. It introduces Sanders as the son of an immigrant whose parents “didn’t speak the language,” and “had no money” when he came to the United States.

“So immigration is not just a word for Bernie Sanders,” the ad continues. “It’s part of his life story. His story is the immigrant story.”

The ad ends with a swipe at Republican anti-immigration sentiment, pledging that Bernie will “make sure families stay together,” and undocumented immigrants will have a path to citizenship.”

Sanders undoubtedly has an uphill battle in Nevada – Hillary Clinton dug her heels into the state months ago and currently holds 52 percent of the vote compared to Sanders’ 26 percent.

Coming from a state with a Latino population of less than 2 percent, we will see if Sander’s personal story is enough to make Nevada’s Latinos feel the Bern.


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