Lawrence Lessig Drops out of 2016 Presidential Primary


Lawrence Lessig, Harvard Law Professor and Internet policy activist, announced today that he is ending his presidential campaign. In his announcement, he cited frequently revised rules within the Democratic Party that he says kept him off the debate stage.

Lessig, who was crowd funding his run for the presidency, ran on an unusual platform: pass one law and then resign. The Citizen Equality Act, as Lessig called it, would have broadly changed the way elections are funded and would’ve provided new protections to ensure voters’ rights.

As Lessig notes in this video, his campaign was able to initially raise the necessary $1 million to get off the ground, but he could not gain enough traction to be on the Democratic debate stage.

“Now, from the start, it was clear that getting into the Democratic debates was theessential step in this campaign,” he says in the video. “I may be known in tiny corners of the tubes of the Internets, but I am not well known to the American public generally.”

Lessig’s small amount of Internet fame first came when he cofounded the nonprofit Creative Commons, which offers licenses for creative works to be reused without copyright violations. He is also a frequent and popular speaker at many TED events, where he tackles issues like corruption in government and the need for an open and free Internet.

Unfortunately for Lessig, that mild Internet stardom will have to stay confined to the “tubes of the Internets,” for now.


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