If ‘#JebCanFixIt’ He Better Get Started


Jeb Bush is having a rough week.

Donald Trump’s barrage of attacks have been picking away at his poll numbers for months. To make matters worse for Jeb, attacking his former understudy backfired on him, which quickly called the strength of his campaign into question.Unsurprisingly, his donors are reportedly starting to get antsy.

So to revive his campaign, Jeb announced Monday that he is refocusing his platform to highlight his “Leadership” message, in order to contrast himself with Hillary Clinton and condemn Marco Rubio’s inexperience.

Jeb Bush is Finally Trending… With Insults

To announce the campaign reboot, Bush unleashed a new slogan; “Jeb Can Fix It,” and promoted the hash tag on Twitter.

The only problem was, #JebCanFixIt fell flat on its face. Numerous outlets noted that the attempt to go viral ended up giving the Internet a free pass to make fun of Bush all day.

You might have thought the Bush campaign learned its lesson after its last failed attempt to go viral with #JebNoFilter.

With this last-ditch effort to breathe life into his campaign, Jeb better hope he really can “fix it” – and he should probably get started.


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