Ted Cruz Leads the Republican War on Mainstream Media


Republican candidates have broken from the RNC to wage an all out war against the “liberal media.” Like many other wars involving the Republican Party, Ted Cruz can be thanked for firing the first shots.

Ted Cruz “Fights Back” Against Perceived Media Bias

Many argue that Cruz walked away with the line of the night at last week’s CNBC GOP debate when he unleashed a vicious smack down on the “mainstream media” for setting up the debates like “a cage match.”

That fiery statement earned him raucous applause and opened the floodgates for the rest of the nine Republican candidates to attack the CNBC moderators for the rest of the night – resulting in what became the most chaotic debate of the 2016 cycle so far.

The Republican war on the mainstream media continued off stage until, party chair Reince Priebus, announced that the RNC was suspending its partnership with NBC News.


NBC News responded, calling Priebus’ announcement a “disappointing development.” NBC pledged to work hard to reunite the Republican Party and NBC, who owns several other major stations, including Telemundo, the largest Spanish-speaking network in the country.


GOP Candidates Side-Step Party Leaders To Reclaim Debate Control

Since Priebus’ announcement, GOP candidates have demanded format changes to the rest of the debates and more than a dozen Republican campaigns met behind closed doors Sunday to negotiate exactly what those changes will be.

After about two hours, the campaigns announced that they have agreed to several changes that will be outlined in a letter to debate hosts in the coming days,according to Fox News.

The media companies are under no obligation to adopt any of the demands, but several campaigns have pledged to boycott the debates if the companies refuse.

We doubt it will come to that; but the Republican debates would certainly be a lot less fun if the GOP frontrunners don’t show up.


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