Ben Carson Says He Thinks Outside of the Box (Even If His Ad Team Doesn’t)


Ben Carson pulled ahead of Donald Trump in Iowa this week – but it probably wasn’t because of this ad.

In an election cycle where many voters seem to be starving to elect a political outsider (and that isn’t just here in The States), Ben Carson is making the case that he is not a member of the political class.

And in order to explain that Carson is outside of the political box, this ad shows him literally standing outside of a box labeled “Washington Political Class.” Clever.

The Guardian wondered whether this ad was either “so bad it’s good,” or if it was just plain “awful.” We think an argument could be made either way, but we do have to say: the ad does match Ben Carson’s style. It’s relaxed, straightforward and easy to understand.

And that style seems to be working out well for Carson recently, so maybe he is on to something: political campaigns really don’t have to be rocket science… or brain surgery.

This article originally appeared at I Agree to See.


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