Ghosts of Benghazi “Speak” in this Powerful Attack Ad – But Does It Go too Far?


The Stop Hillary PAC released this haunting ad featuring the images and “voices” of the four Americans killed in Benghazi.

The ad, which aired during the first Democratic Presidential Debate in swing and early voting states, opens with a picture of slain military contractor Glen Doherty while we hear a voice over: “Hillary Clinton, I’d like to ask you why you ignored calls for help in Benghazi and then four Americans were murdered.”

An image of Tyrone Woods, another contractor killed, appears with a new voice: “I’d like to know why you lied, saying the attack was a response to an Internet video.”

The image shifts to Sean Smith, a State Department IT technician, and another voice asks, “I’d like to hear why you tried to silence the Benghazi whistleblower.”

The ad ends with a photograph of John Christopher Stevens, the slain U.S. Ambassador to Libya, who says, “But Mrs. Clinton, I can’t.” The ad ends with Stevens’ gravestone as the narrator mockingly asks, “What difference does it make?”

Does This Hit Ad Go Too Far?

The Clinton campaign was quick to criticize the attack ad. Brian Fallon, the campaign’s press secretary, tweeted a screenshot of the ad, calling it “disgusting.”

Democrats on the Benghazi Committee saw the ad as further evidence that the investigation is a political hit job on Hillary Clinton.

In a statement, they said “We call on Chairman Gowdy to use his authority and influence to put an immediate halt to this reprehensible, shameful and false campaign attack that uses images of Ambassador Stevens’ grave – without his family’s permission – and exploits the deaths of four Americans to damage Secretary Clinton’s bid for president.”

But with Hillary Clinton slated to testify before the Benghazi Committee Oct. 22, this is certainly not the last Benghazi attack ad voters will see.

This ad originally appeared at I Agree to See.


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