“Good Government” Candidate Larry Lessig Not Afraid to Go Negative


Larry Lessig, the Harvard Law professor and referendum candidate, is running to get “big money” out of politics. But his first political spot proves he isn’t afraid to go negative.

In his inaugural ad Lessig targets Florida Senator Marco Rubio, the current leading “establishment” Republican.

Larry Lessig Asks ‘Who Owns Marco Rubio’

In this 15-second spot, we hear a campy carnival-esque music track and see a collage of corporate logos pop-up all over Marco Rubio’s jacket like he’s a political NASCAR driver.

We hear a woman’s voice say, “This is what our political system has turned into,” before ending with Lessig’s campaign slogan, “Fix Democracy First.”

Lessig Says There’s Plenty More Ads in the Works

In an interview last Wednesday, Lessig told the New York Times that he was spending more than $150,000 to run this ad in Iowa and New Hampshire.

He noted that the ad was part of a push “to rally people around the idea of the corrupting influence of money in politics.”

When asked why he wasn’t targeting his Democratic primary rivals, he told theTimes that the ad’s goal was to highlight his campaign platform and not “confuse it by starting an interparty war.” Lessig announced that he intends to hit Jeb Bush next.

Lawrence Lessig Left Out of the Democratic Debate

Lessig did not appear in the first Democratic debate – despite raising more than $1.2 million from over 10,000 donors and reaching 1% in the polls (that include him).

Lessig is not a typical presidential candidate. He declared that if he were to win the presidency, he would get money out of politics, step down from the post and hand the reigns to his vice president.

Lessig has been fighting to get more recognition in the Democratic field, but without a spot on the national debate stage, these short political ads may be all the attention he gets for now.

This article originally appeared at I Agree to See.


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