#JebNoFilter Bites Bush from Behind


Since Jeb Bush announced he was running for president, his campaign has released a series of short YouTube clips titled #JebNoFilter. The videos feature a moment on the campaign trail of Jeb Bush acting “unscripted” and goofy with his constituents.

Spoofing Jeb’s videos, progressive leaning independent PAC, American Bridge 21stCentury, has started their own #JebNoFilter campaign – complete with a Twitter handle and all – dedicated to cutting attack ads featuring Jeb Bush’s gaffes.

#JebNoFilter Gets as Bitter as Stale Coffee

American Bridge launched their version of the campaign with an attack ad titled “#JebNoFilter: Views on Minorities.” The ad opens with a similar coffee pot animation used in Bush’s versions, then cuts to a shot of one of Bush’s more racially inclusive moments.

“We need to go to the black churches,” he said, speaking of the establishment Republican Party. “We need to campaign in the Latino communities to make sure they know they are welcome.”

The ad then switches to a string of controversial statements Bush has made on the campaign trail.

We see Jeb defending his choice to use the controversial term “anchor babies, ” to a group of reporters, then saying later that the term was really “more related to Asian people” than the Latino community.

The ad flips through a few more of Bush’s recent slips, before ending on a slide where we see a cartoon Jeb face, and his name re-acronymed into “Just your Everyday Backwards.”

Is Jeb Stuck in a Rut?

Jeb Bush’s poll numbers have been on a continuous decline since his recent gaffes on the campaign trail, and focused attacks from outside groups.

The most recent poll from PPP shows Jeb Bush in fourth place at 10%, trailing Donald Trump, Ben Carson and Marco Rubio.

Despite his declining position in the polls, his campaign and outside Super PACs have raised an impressive amount money. The July 31st report showed that Jeb Bush’s campaign and pro-Bush Super PACs have collectively raised $120 million.

Second place in the “money race” is Hillary Clinton with $67.8 million.

Although his polls are dropping, his money stream probably won’t dry up any time soon.

This article originally appeared at I Agree to See.


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