Jeb Bush Wants to Return to Reaganomics


The Republican’s Reagan trope is far from over. Jeb Bush is embracing the Reagan legacy even tighter by mirroring one of the former president’s major tax speeches in this new ad.

Thirty Years Later Jeb Sticks to the Reagan Script

“Return to Growth” opens up with a 1986 speech Reagan delivered just after signing the Tax Reform Act.

The ad cuts to Jeb Bush announcing his tax reform plan – with the video cutting between Bush and Reagan as we hear them make synonymous statements. “America will have the lowest marginal tax rates and the most modern tax code among major industrialized nations,” Reagan says. Then to Bush who puts it simply, “Taxes should be lower, simpler, fairer and clearer.” We cut back to Reagan again who concedes, “fair and simpler for most Americans.”

The ad continues as the two finish each other’s sentences about how their tax code would promote business and help the Middle Class achieve the American Dream.

Is It Really Reaganomics, Or Something Different?

Jeb Bush’s tax plan aims to lower the highest tax rate, offer some relief to low earners, reform corporate taxes, stick hedge-fund managers with a bigger bill, and also, “unleash 4 percent growth,” as Jeb often puts it.

Reagan, who at the end of the ad we hear calling for Wall Street to “pay their fair share,” may not have been so pleased to find out that Bush’s tax plan also includesslashing taxes for the wealthiest people in America.

But then again, Reagan might have had a hard time agreeing with a lot of what the Republicans of 2015 say.

This article originally appeared at I Agree to See.


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