Ted Cruz Leads the Republican War on Mainstream Media


Republican candidates have broken from the RNC to wage an all out war against the “liberal media.” Like many other wars involving the Republican Party, Ted Cruz can be thanked for firing the first shots.

Ted Cruz “Fights Back” Against Perceived Media Bias

Many argue that Cruz walked away with the line of the night at last week’s CNBC GOP debate when he unleashed a vicious smack down on the “mainstream media” for setting up the debates like “a cage match.”

That fiery statement earned him raucous applause and opened the floodgates for the rest of the nine Republican candidates to attack the CNBC moderators for the rest of the night – resulting in what became the most chaotic debate of the 2016 cycle so far.

The Republican war on the mainstream media continued off stage until, party chair Reince Priebus, announced that the RNC was suspending its partnership with NBC News.


NBC News responded, calling Priebus’ announcement a “disappointing development.” NBC pledged to work hard to reunite the Republican Party and NBC, who owns several other major stations, including Telemundo, the largest Spanish-speaking network in the country.


GOP Candidates Side-Step Party Leaders To Reclaim Debate Control

Since Priebus’ announcement, GOP candidates have demanded format changes to the rest of the debates and more than a dozen Republican campaigns met behind closed doors Sunday to negotiate exactly what those changes will be.

After about two hours, the campaigns announced that they have agreed to several changes that will be outlined in a letter to debate hosts in the coming days,according to Fox News.

The media companies are under no obligation to adopt any of the demands, but several campaigns have pledged to boycott the debates if the companies refuse.

We doubt it will come to that; but the Republican debates would certainly be a lot less fun if the GOP frontrunners don’t show up.


Turn On, Tune In, Bern Out


It’s no secret that Bernie Sanders is beloved among progressive millennials, but he can run as strong with a smaller voting bloc: old school hippies.

While Hillary Clinton hosted Katy Perry at her rally before the Jefferson Jackson dinner last week, Bernie and his squad were down the street, putting on a 60s style human “Bern-in” reminiscent of the 1967 Monterey Pop Festival – but with less guitar smashing.

This soulful rendition of the classic hippie-era, face-melting track from Led Zeppelin, “Whole Lotta’ Love,” is perfect for Bernie’s campaign – it gives his younger crowd something to rock out to, while his older fans have flashbacks of a time when public sentiment for a “political revolution” was alive and well: the turbulent 60s.

Marco Rubio Takes His Turn to Ride the Post-Debate Wave


Ted Cruz may have gotten the most applause at CNBC’s GOP debate when he unloaded on the mainstream media – but most pundits agree: Marco Rubio was the night’s clear overall winner.

Perhaps Rubio’s most striking moment was this verbal lashing of his former mentor, Jeb Bush:

Is ‘the Establishment’ Back in the Ring?

Conservative Solutions PAC, a pro-Rubio PAC, plucked out the brightest spots of Rubio’s debate performance and squeezed them down into this two-minute ad.

But maybe the Rubio camp shouldn’t get too ahead of itself just yet. We have seen candidates try to catch the post-debate wave, but keeping up the momentum appears to be a different challenge (we’re looking at you Carly Fiorina).

This article originally appeared at I Agree to See.

Ben Carson Says He Thinks Outside of the Box (Even If His Ad Team Doesn’t)


Ben Carson pulled ahead of Donald Trump in Iowa this week – but it probably wasn’t because of this ad.

In an election cycle where many voters seem to be starving to elect a political outsider (and that isn’t just here in The States), Ben Carson is making the case that he is not a member of the political class.

And in order to explain that Carson is outside of the political box, this ad shows him literally standing outside of a box labeled “Washington Political Class.” Clever.

The Guardian wondered whether this ad was either “so bad it’s good,” or if it was just plain “awful.” We think an argument could be made either way, but we do have to say: the ad does match Ben Carson’s style. It’s relaxed, straightforward and easy to understand.

And that style seems to be working out well for Carson recently, so maybe he is on to something: political campaigns really don’t have to be rocket science… or brain surgery.

This article originally appeared at I Agree to See.

NRA Says Hillary Clinton Is Coming for Your Guns


The war between Hillary Clinton and the National Rifle Association has escalated and moved into the online ad space.

Surprisingly, the NRA rarely targets individual politicians in their online ads. But this one-minute assault singles out Clinton, and warns NRA supporters that the left “will keep coming for your rights,” and “The only one protecting you is [the] NRA.”

NRA Warns Supporters Their Gun Rights ‘May Be Taken’

On the campaign trail, Hillary Clinton has sharpened her attack against the NRA. She recently said in New Hampshire that she didn’t advocate a mandatory gun buyback, but it “would be worth considering” if it was possible.

Well, that’s one way to get the NRA’s attention.

And as some Americans become more fearful and frustrated with frequent gun violence, and public opinion on gun control remains split across party lines, don’t expect either side to lay down their arms any time soon.

This article originally appeared at I Agree to See.

Donald Trump Sets His Sights on Bernie Sanders


While the Internet is still buzzing with speculation about who won the first Democratic debate – we now know who Donald Trump tagged as the winner. The morning after the debate, Trump released an Instagram attack ad targeting Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders.

Donald Trump Not #FeelingTheBern

The short attack ad opens up with CNN footage of an ISIS soldier waving a knife and shots of the burning U.S. Embassy in Benghazi, Libya. The narrator warns, “The world is a dangerous place – we need a tough, strong leader.”

The sound of a record screech ushers in a clip of Black Lives Matter protesters disrupting a Sanders campaign rally as the narrator exclaims “and it’s not this guy!”

The ad ends with the message, “Bernie can’t even defend his microphone. How will he defend the country?”

Can Donald Trump Convince Bernie to Go Negative?

This is the latest addition to Donald Trump’s arsenal of Instagram attack ads. Most of his other attacks focus on his Republican rivals, like Jeb Bush, who he repeatedly mocks as being a “confused” and “low-energy” candidate.

Unlike Jeb Bush who was quick to respond to Trump with a counterattack, 74-year-old Sanders is proud to repeat he “has never run a negative political ad in his life.”

But as the 2016 election cycle has already shown, there is a first time for anything.

This article originally appeared at I Agree to See.

Ghosts of Benghazi “Speak” in this Powerful Attack Ad – But Does It Go too Far?


The Stop Hillary PAC released this haunting ad featuring the images and “voices” of the four Americans killed in Benghazi.

The ad, which aired during the first Democratic Presidential Debate in swing and early voting states, opens with a picture of slain military contractor Glen Doherty while we hear a voice over: “Hillary Clinton, I’d like to ask you why you ignored calls for help in Benghazi and then four Americans were murdered.”

An image of Tyrone Woods, another contractor killed, appears with a new voice: “I’d like to know why you lied, saying the attack was a response to an Internet video.”

The image shifts to Sean Smith, a State Department IT technician, and another voice asks, “I’d like to hear why you tried to silence the Benghazi whistleblower.”

The ad ends with a photograph of John Christopher Stevens, the slain U.S. Ambassador to Libya, who says, “But Mrs. Clinton, I can’t.” The ad ends with Stevens’ gravestone as the narrator mockingly asks, “What difference does it make?”

Does This Hit Ad Go Too Far?

The Clinton campaign was quick to criticize the attack ad. Brian Fallon, the campaign’s press secretary, tweeted a screenshot of the ad, calling it “disgusting.”

Democrats on the Benghazi Committee saw the ad as further evidence that the investigation is a political hit job on Hillary Clinton.

In a statement, they said “We call on Chairman Gowdy to use his authority and influence to put an immediate halt to this reprehensible, shameful and false campaign attack that uses images of Ambassador Stevens’ grave – without his family’s permission – and exploits the deaths of four Americans to damage Secretary Clinton’s bid for president.”

But with Hillary Clinton slated to testify before the Benghazi Committee Oct. 22, this is certainly not the last Benghazi attack ad voters will see.

This ad originally appeared at I Agree to See.