Liberal Group Says Safety Not Guaranteed Under a Bush


For a candidate once so eager to separate himself from his family name, Jeb Bush is quick to defend his family’s legacy – especially his brother’s time as president.

At the last GOP debate, Jeb earned what was arguably his most raucous applause of the whole night, and briefly flustered Donald Trump when he said, “as it relates to my brother, there’s one thing I know for sure; he kept us safe.”

Not everyone agrees though, including Americans United for Change, the liberal action group behind this ad.

Remembering the Turbulent Tenure of George W. Bush

The ad cycles through the tumultuous events that took place under Bush II – starting with shifting the blame of a “crumbling economy” back onto the Bush administration. The ad then asks if viewers feel “Safe from a bureaucratic catastrophe” while showing clips from the devastation of Hurricane Katrina.

Of course, no ad criticizing the presidency of George W. Bush could be void of clips from the multi-pronged war on terror, and this ad is no different. We see a clip of soldiers in Iraq being jolted by a blast as we hear a news anchor say “the number no one wanted to reach in Iraq; 4,000 Americans dead.”

The ad finishes up alluding to 9/11 and asks if the viewer felt “Safe from terrorism?” Showing some restraint, the ad shows a picture of the World Trade Center memorial, with its lights shining into the sky – rather than clips of the travesty itself.

Who’s Issuing the Attack From Decades Past?

Americans United for Change is a liberal group, but doesn’t have to disclose its donors since it’s listed as a 501(c)(4).

The group is keen on attacking Bush II and his administration. It was born from the ashes of Americans United to Protect Social Security – a labor funded political group formed in 2005 to oppose George W. Bush’s Social Security Proposal. Most of their efforts now though, focus on foreign policy.

And with the Middle East still in the forefront of American politics, we can be certain that foreign policy attack ads will continue to fly from both sides.

With Jeb Bush’s poll numbers continuing to drop, he might welcome the attention from these liberal opponents. At least it makes him seem still relevant.

This article originally appeared at I Agree to See.


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