GOP Candidates Fight for the Title of ‘Most Pro-Life’


Presidential debates have proven to be fodder for ad makers on both sides of the aisle. The same candidate statement used in a positive ad to the Republican base can just as easily be used in an attack ad to loyal Democrats.

That was particularly true with CNN’s recent GOP presidential debate. With the fight to defund Planned Parenthood reaching a deadline in Congress, the issue was front and center throughout the broadcast.

And since the issue is drawn heavily on partisan lines, the progressive-leaning PAC, American Bridge, took the GOP debate as an opportunity to use the Republican rhetoric attacking Planned Parenthood against them.

The Battle of Who Defunded Planned Parenthood First

The ad opens up with Jeb Bush touting his record as the self-proclaimed “most pro-life governor on this stage,” who already “defunded Planned Parenthood.” Then we hear Scott Walker jump in; “I defunded Planned Parenthood four and half years ago – in a blue state.” Chris Christie cuts in right after, boasting that he defunded Planned Parenthood “six years ago – as the brand new, first ever, pro-life governor of New Jersey.”

The ad scrolls through similar statements from the rest of the panel and ends up with a focus on Ted Cruz who calls Planned Parenthood an “ongoing criminal enterprise.”

The conservative stance on defunding Planned Parenthood is pretty clear-cut on the campaign trail. With only 31 House conservatives demanding that funds for Planned Parenthood stay out of any funding bill; however, this week is going to be an uphill battle for Republicans who want to make the pro-life campaign rhetoric a reality.

This article originally appeared at I Agree to See.


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