How Martin O’Malley Made a Buck On Wall Street


With his poll numbers stuck at 1 percent (or less), campaign contributions are probably not flowing into Martin O’Malley’s campaign for president.

So he is figuratively (and literally) left to sing for his supper, relying on earned media and stunts like the clever video spots being produced by the IJ Review.

The cost of this kind of exposure for candidates is that they need to make themselves “interesting” to the viral video audience. In other videos from IJ Review, the producers went to the gun range to cook bacon with Ted Cruz, learned how to play Operation with Dr. Ben Carson and helped Lindsey Graham destroy his phoneafter Donald Trump gave out his phone number.

In this piece they ask O’Malley to strum his guitar and sing outside Wall Street busking for cash. The shtick is that’s the only way to make an honest buck on Wall Street. So, after spending an hour outside the New York Stock Exchange, how much did Martin O’Malley make? Only a $1.74 and a pack of gummy bears.

That’s not even the most embarrassing part. He doesn’t seem to have been recognized at all by either the one percent or the 99 percent.

Watch Out, Wall Street, Martin O’Malley Is Taking You On

Like his other Democratic rivals, O’Malley has been highly critical of Wall Street on the campaign trial.

His sharpest criticism came in July when his campaign said the former Maryland governor would send “an open letter to the Too Big To Fail Wall Street mega-banks, telling them how – as President – he will pursue every avenue to put in place real structural and accountability reforms that would rein in their reckless behavior.”

The O’Malley campaign then released what they called a “comprehensive policy plan” that would bring “real enforcement to Wall Street.”

But O’Malley has struggled to get his message out in front of potential supporters. With big voices like Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders also looking to take on Wall Street in some form, Martin O’Malley is going to need a lot more than a $1.74 if he wants to change the tune of the financial elite.

The Viral Video Arms Race Continues

Hopefully we’ll see more viral videos from the IJ Review. Maybe they will get the chance to make a viral video with some of the frontrunners – we’re thinking “how to sell steaks with Donald Trump.” Oh wait…

This article originally appeared at I Agree to See.


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