College Students (Keg)Stand with Rand


As students gear up for the new school year, GOP presidential candidate Rand Paul is trying to get their attention before their courses (or frat parties) do.

Paul’s campaign is rolling out a “Students for Rand” campaign – an ambitious plan to open Rand Paul campaign chapters at 300 colleges in 30 days.

Rand Paul Tries to Lock in the College-Party

The ad features a handful of college kids, all fired up and echoing Rand Paul on his big issues: liberty, tax cuts, prison reform and privacy rights.

Cue the hipster kid montage – each calling for “a leader who believes in the power of individual liberty,” a “true visionary” and an “anti-establishment candidate.” Then the students all reveal that they are wearing the same “I Stand with Rand” shirt. Kind of cliché, but maybe that works with the college kids nowadays.

Rand Paul Tries to Sweep Up Student Voters

As the Wall Street Journal notes, Rand’s father, Ron Paul, had strong appeal among young Republicans and decline to state voters during his 2012 presidential campaign. It looks like Rand might attempt to hold on to some of that conservative youth support, but it won’t be easy – Marco Rubio also has a student fan club.

The Kentucky senator said in a statement, “No candidate will do more to earn support from students than our campaign.” It might be a tough sell with candidates like Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders pushing for free tuition to public colleges and plans to curb student debt.

Rand does have some sweet campaign swag though…

This article originally appeared at I Agree to See.


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