How GOP Candidates Pre-Game for Tonight’s Debate


The gloves are off. The top 10 Republican candidates are getting in the zone for the first GOP debate tonight in Ohio.

So what are the pre-debate rituals these political heavyweights do to get their heads in the game? Check out the video above.

George Pataki throws back a Diet Snapple. Carly Fiorina plays Solitaire. Lindsey Graham bumps some Motown, and Jeb Bush calls his mommy (who apparently tells him things he “can’t say on television.” Oh, Barbara.).

Where’s Donald Trump in this video?

You may notice this video has something missing: The Donald. What are his pre-debate rituals? We don’t know – but whatever they are, they are probably the best, most luxurious rituals of any of the candidates. Champagne on a private jet, perhaps?

What can we expect tonight?

Will Gov. Kasich wow insiders and audiences on his home turf? Will that boisterousbillionaire Donald Trump steal the show with his classic, shocking one-liners?

Get your popcorn ready. We can’t wait for what is likely to be one of the most entertaining political spectacles we have seen in a long time.

This article originally appeared at I Agree to See.


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