Ted Cruz Cooks Bacon…with a Machine Gun


Don’t mess with breakfast.

Texas Senator and presidential candidate Ted Cruz managed to combine two of America’s oldest favorites: bacon and guns. What was the result? A deliciously dangerous breakfast.

A Desperate Attempt for Attention?

If you thought his Simpsons impersonation video wasn’t weird enough, Ted Cruz takes it to the next level in this new video from the IJReview.

The presidential hopeful hits an indoor gun range to show Iowans how Texans cook their bacon – with a little more firepower.

He wraps a few strips around the barrel of a machine gun – Tijuana Danger Dog Style – and opens fire. Four 5.56mm magazines later, the grease starts to drip and Cruz peels back the tin foil to reveal the crispy result:


Judging by Cruz’s almost immediate wince after putting the bacon in his mouth, maybe he should have fried some eggs on the sidewalk to go with his breakfast.


The Viral Video Arms Race of 2016

Donald Trump catapulted himself to the top of Republican polls after a string of controversial statements brought him national attention.

Apparently, this gave low-polling candidates an idea: if you go viral, get weird, you get attention. And the results have been hilarious.

We have already seen Lindsey Graham destroy his cell phone (thanks to The Donald), Carly Fiorina shake up office politics with Buzzfeed, and Ben Carson show off his “gifted hands” by dominating the popular family game Operation.

This article originally appeared at I Agree to See.


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