Scott Walker’s Camp Says He’s Got the Momentum


With 17 people aiming for the GOP nomination, breaking through to Republican voters is no easy task, and thanks to Donald Trump, many of the presumed headline grabbers are grasping for straws.

In February, CNN put out a front page story: “Scott Walker’s Challenge: Keeping the Momentum.” Now, as a bit of a snarky reply, Walker comes back with a brand new campaign theme: “Momentum.”

This 70-second spot, only Walker’s third official video since his announcement, touts some of the early achievements from the Wisconsin governor’s campaign, lapped over shots from his home state campaign announcement and different angles of his swanky campaign bus.

And it looks like Walker has kept the momentum just fine. He was already polling well before even announcing. Since then he has hovered around third place, and right now he’s just half-point behind Jeb Bush – though both of them continue to be overshadowed by the boisterous billionaire.

But despite the Trumplar Eclipse, Scott Walker still saved himself a seat at Fox’s first GOP debate this Thursday, August 6.

This article originally appeared at I Agree to See.


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