Pro Ted Cruz PAC Diagnoses America With Clinton Fatigue


Pro-Ted Cruz Super PAC Keep The Promise 1 is back in action with a diagnosis for American voters: Clinton Fatigue.

This week, the multi million-dollar Super PAC released its first attack ad, portraying an overcrowded hospital ward with zombie-like patients who are inflicted with the “awful” ailment caused by Hillary Clinton’s many scandals.

Paging Dr. Cruz

The ad follows two doctors around the ward as they look upon the sickly patients.

“We haven’t seen anything like this since the 90’s,” the doctor says.

“Well they’ve been through a lot,” he goes on, “email scandals, questionable donations from foreign governments, cronyism… even pantsuits.”

The doctors walk out of frame and over the intercom we hear “Paging Dr. Cruz, Dr. Cruz to the emergency room.”

Super PAC Says Voters Need an Extra Dose of Ted

Keep the Promise 1 rolled out a seven-figure ad buy to promote Ted Cruz earlier this month. The Super PAC is one of four similarly named groups led by an all-star lineup of conservative political media professionals, including one of the people behind “Hillary: The Movie.”

Kellyanne Conway, the president of the PAC, released a statement along with the ad claiming, “Americans have Clinton fatigue – they are tired of the same old ideas, same old political entitlement, same old personal enrichment, same old casual relationship with the truth.”

Keep the Promise 1 tapped into an “A-List Hollywood team” to make the ad, said spokeswoman Kristina Hernandez in an email to the Dallas Morning News.

That company appears to be Beverly Hills-based Glittering Steel LLC, which received $40,000 from Keep the Promise I, according to FEC filings from Aug. 5 and 9.

While the organization thinks voters are suffering from a Clinton-overdose, Ted Cruz better hope he can find a remedy for his low-poll condition. He’s currently in a three-way tie for fourth place with Scott Walker and Marco Rubio, lingering around 7%. And all three of them continue to be a long shot away from billionaire Donald Trump.

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Trump Uses Barbara to Jab Jeb


Don’t worry, the 2016 presidential election hasn’t descended into “yo’ momma” jokes… yet. But Donald Trump got pretty close by digging up an old quote from Barbara Bush that didn’t do Jeb any favors.

The video posted on the Trump campaign’s Instagram shows Barbara Bush from a 2013 interview with NBC saying she doesn’t think Jeb should run for president.

“I really don’t,” the former first lady told NBC, “I think it’s a great country. There are a lot of great families. There are other people out there that are very qualified, and we’ve had enough Bushes.”

We hear this quote, played tauntingly over shots of Donald Trump and his family from his campaign launch.

Trump tweeted the video out later, with the added sting, “Even Barbara agrees with me.”

“Mother Knows Best Jeb!”

Barbara Bush has since changed her mind about her son’s candidacy, and in the months leading up to Jeb’s announcement, she supported her son and said he was “the best-qualified man for the presidency.”

Trump’s video comes after a string of attacks on Bush in recent weeks – mainly criticizing Jeb’s stance on immigration reform and women’s issues. Jeb has struck back by repeatedly calling Trump’s Republican loyalty into question.

With Trump’s poll numbers on a continuous rise, Jeb Bush might need more than some motherly love if he hopes to boost his place in the polls.

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Bernie Sanders Wraps up his West Coast Tour


More than 27,000 people packed a Los Angeles arena last Monday, to hear a wispy-haired, raspy-voiced socialist talk about sparking a “political revolution.”

For Vermont Senator and Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, it was the third massive crowd in a row for the three nights that made up his West Coast tour.

The latest video from the Sanders campaign highlights his stops in the liberal strongholds, reminding viewers of the striking attendance at each event.

First, in Seattle, we hear Sanders talk about his legislation to make college tuition free, to an ecstatic crowd of 15,000 mainly-white Millenials. Then the video jumps to a 28,000 person event in Portland where Sanders doubled-down on his plans “to end institutional racism.” And finally the third event we see was in Los Angeles where Sanders issued a rally cry for a political revolution.

Bernie Sanders’ West Coast Tour Didn’t Start with a Warm Welcome

Sanders’ West Coast tour started with members of the Civil Rights group Black Lives Matter took over an event Sanders was speaking at.

This demonstration was similar to a protest at last month’s Netroots Nation, which Bernie Sanders and Martin O’Malley were on the receiving end of.

While this initially upset some of Bernie’s base, Sanders almost immediately put out what many consider a comprehensive plan on addressing racial injustice, reminding voters that Sanders was deeply involved in the Civil Rights movement during the 1960’s.

Meanwhile, The Bernie Brigade is charged with excitement over recent headlines showing that Sanders polled higher than Hillary Clinton in the most recent New Hampshire poll. Hillary’s campaign is still maintaining a significant lead nationally.

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Jeb Bush’s Foreign Policy: More Hillary, Less W


Jeb Bush’s latest web video uses clips from a speech he gave at the Ronald Reagan Library last week when he doubled down on embracing what many consider his greatest political weakness: the Bush family legacy in Iraq.

Bush Drops His Family Legacy on Hillary’s Shoulders

Jeb undoubtedly supports his brother’s administration, but began to pin the downfalls of the Iraq War on the Obama administration and Hillary Clinton.

“So eager to be the history-makers… they failed to be the peace makers,” Jeb said of the Barack-Hillary duo.

In his speech, Jeb went on to affirm that “rushing away from danger can be every bit as unwise as rushing into danger, and the costs have been grievous.” Critics replied by noting that George W. Bush, not the Obama administration, negotiated the exit strategy in 2008.

He ended the point by reaffirming that under his presidency he would be “resolute” in the “defeat of radical Islamic terrorism wherever it appears.”

Bush and Clinton are Bringing Out the Big Guns

To defend against critics who are weary that another Bush could mean another Middle East conflict, Jeb is making sure Hillary is feeling the heat too, claiming that it was primarily her failed tenure as Secretary of State that led to the barbaric rise of the Islamic State and “the dangerous Iran deal.”

Jeb made himself an easy target recently when he questioned how much the government should spend on women’s health – an easy sound bite for Clinton’s video defending Planned Parenthood.

Dragging Hillary into the fray might ease the heat on his own campaign from persuadable voters, but Jeb won’t be able to hide from his family’s unpopular legacy in the Middle East.

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College Students (Keg)Stand with Rand


As students gear up for the new school year, GOP presidential candidate Rand Paul is trying to get their attention before their courses (or frat parties) do.

Paul’s campaign is rolling out a “Students for Rand” campaign – an ambitious plan to open Rand Paul campaign chapters at 300 colleges in 30 days.

Rand Paul Tries to Lock in the College-Party

The ad features a handful of college kids, all fired up and echoing Rand Paul on his big issues: liberty, tax cuts, prison reform and privacy rights.

Cue the hipster kid montage – each calling for “a leader who believes in the power of individual liberty,” a “true visionary” and an “anti-establishment candidate.” Then the students all reveal that they are wearing the same “I Stand with Rand” shirt. Kind of cliché, but maybe that works with the college kids nowadays.

Rand Paul Tries to Sweep Up Student Voters

As the Wall Street Journal notes, Rand’s father, Ron Paul, had strong appeal among young Republicans and decline to state voters during his 2012 presidential campaign. It looks like Rand might attempt to hold on to some of that conservative youth support, but it won’t be easy – Marco Rubio also has a student fan club.

The Kentucky senator said in a statement, “No candidate will do more to earn support from students than our campaign.” It might be a tough sell with candidates like Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders pushing for free tuition to public colleges and plans to curb student debt.

Rand does have some sweet campaign swag though…

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Ted Cruz’s New Ad Strategy: Just Smile and Nod


Texas firebrand Ted Cruz is campaigning through the American South in a rock band style tour bus – sweeping up Tea Party support (and money) as he goes.

Ted’s “Cruz to the White House” tour is making for some prime B-roll opportunities for cutting new ads – all of which are chalk full of wide crowd shots and cuts of Ted Cruz’s fiery oration.

The tour culminates August 21, at what Cruz is calling a “Rally for Religious Freedom” in Des Moines, IA. According to the online invitation, the rally is going to feature “special guests victimized by government persecution.” Um, ok…

The Cruz Country tour is making stops in South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama Tennessee, Mississippi, Arkansas, Oklahoma and Texas.

Ted Cruz Strategically Positions Himself In Other Red States

While establishment candidates like Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio and Scott Walker are focusing on early primary states like Iowa and New Hampshire, Ted Cruz is trying to pull the rug out from under them in other red states.

One of Cruz’s advisors told Politico that, “The Cruz campaign believes Bush, Walker and Rubio have made a flawed political calculation to compete in the establishment bracket and, therefore, position themselves as moderates in the race leaving Cruz as the only well-funded conservative candidate.”

We will see how that plays out in the primary.

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The Ben Carson Effect


Since bombastic billionaire Donald Trump entered the race to become president, the crowded GOP field can sometimes feel like a boisterous shouting match.

At least, that was certainly the feeling for much of last Thursday’s Republican Primary Debate – especially when Kentucky Senator Rand Paul and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie descended into a chaotic squabble over privacy rights and the NSA.

But while some candidates sparred with each other, and some struggled to promote their policy over the static, Dr. Ben Carson was patiently waiting for his time to shine.

Ben Carson: Heal. Inspire. Revive. Relax.

Dr. Carson’s soft-spoken message of national unity seems to speak to a good chunk of Republican voters. He has been polling well since his announcement, with arecent Iowa Republican Presidential Caucus poll showing him tied in second with Scott Walker at 12%, and by many accounts, he was even the winner of Thursday’s debate.

Following Fox News’ presidential debate, the One American News Network surveyed 906 registered Republicans asking who they thought won the debate. Surprisingly, the Donald came in second to Dr. Ben Carson.


In this new campaign ad, it looks like the retired neurosurgeon has doubled down on his laid-back and soft-spoken style

And even though Carson said he was bummed he didn’t get asked about immigration in the GOP debate, we don’t hear any policy in the video either. Instead he presents a populist message of national unity – similar to his closing statement of the debate, but without as many fun quips at Washington.

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