An Unofficial PUNdit’s guide to Bernie-isms


Bernie Sanders has no need for a creative team – his grassroots campaign has been coming up with some hilarious fan-made puns and slogans on their own.

His official slogan, “a political revolution is coming,” is arguably less well known than popular “grassroots” slogans, like “feel the Bern.”

This new political ad, “Signs in Iowa,” rounds up some of the fan favorites in the Hawkeye State.

Homegrown Bernie-Puns in Iowa

We see supporters sharing their own puns and unofficial slogans – among them, “Take the journey with Bernie,” “enter San-man” and “Bern baby, Bern.”

While the camera takes a tour of different homemade signs, we hear a few of Bernie Sanders’ supporters express why they support him.

An Iowa “Bern Stormer” says he appreciates Bernie’s style of “putting people first.” Then a group of college-aged voters expressed their support of Sander’s views on education. One young woman says, “We feel like we really matter with him.”

“I’ve got a quote for you,” we hear as the camera cuts to a woman holding a “Be a Climate Voter” banner. “Bernie is the only candidate who really cares about climate,” she says.

The ad cuts back to the group of college-aged supporters, and another supporter explains that Bernie’s push to get big money out of politics and “overriding Citizens United” is “the most important thing before you can do anything else.”

Finally another supporter explains he and his girlfriend deemed themselves “the Bern Unit” while they got their friends involved in campaigning for Bernie.

A PUNdits guide to Bernie-isms

bernie-sanders-campaign-store-feelthebern-toaster-bernie-isms-bernie-punsThe Internet is a hot-bed for puns, and keeping track of all the Bernie-isms can be pretty hard. So, this ad gave us an idea. Here is an unofficial Bernie Dictionary you can refer to, leading up to the 2016 presidential election.

The Bernie BrigadeUnwavering Bernie Sanders supporters. They generally tend to be white progressive Millennials.

Feel the Bern – When someone who was not already a Sanders supporter converts after feeling connected with Bernie’s message.

Bern Down for What – a play on words on the viral party-jam “Turn Down for What,” which is about large groups of friends going out to party together. This term is used when describing Bernie’s recent large turnouts at his rallies.

The Bern-Unit – Grassroots campaign organizers. Most are volunteers and they do things like host parties, canvass and organize fundraisers.

The Bernie Blackout – A term coined by frustrated Sanders supporters who feel like major news outlets don’t cover Bernie as much as they should.

Bernie Bombers – Sanders supporters who participate in money bombs, coordinated mass donation drives that last for a specific portion of time.

Yearnin’ for a Bernin’ – When Bernie hasn’t visited your area yet, but you really want him to.

This article originally appeared at I Agree to See.


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