Is This a Political Ad or a Political Sermon?


Is Mike Huckabee trying to make his way to the White House or revamp his career in the televangelist industry?

In this ad, Mike Huckabee says that the United States “doesn’t have a skin problem, it has a sin problem.”

Who knew that several centuries of unabashed racism was really only a matter of semantics?

Huckabee goes on to quote the Bible, which is hardly a surprise. And while the specific verses he chose sound very nice and friendly, they are actually part of God’s warning to King Solomon. Basically, if Solomon isn’t able to keep his people united under a single religion – God promises to reduce the world to ash. We thought the Republican Primary was starting to seem apocalyptic.

This ad was released just after the rollout of the GOP’s latest ad campaign “#CommittedToCommunity” that specifically seeks to heal racial tensions and bring more minority voters over to the Republican camp.

The GOP seems to know they have a problem connecting to minority communities, but maybe Huckabee didn’t get the memo…

This article originally appeared at I Agree to See.


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