Jeb Says Cyber Security Policy is a Terminal Failure


While GOP hopefuls like Rand Paul are trying to get the government as far away from your hard drive as possible, other candidates are taking a different route.

Jeb Bush is pushing to make cyber security a key talking point in the 2016 election. With recent headlines about the massive data breach at the Office of Personnel Management, he might just get his way.

Is Cyber War The New National Security Threat?

Jeb released this ad two weeks ago calling to bring the issue of cyber security to the 2016 debate stage. The ad is simple – the sound of keyboard clicks away, while a message in a computer terminal types out Jeb’s stance on cyber security:

“The President can issue an Executive Order or give a speech about cyber security, but without sustained leadership and determined implementation… we will not adapt to meet the growing threats.”

It was short, quick and to the point – but it is also one of the least viewed videos of his entire campaign thus far.

Jeb’s Warning: Too Little, Too Late


Officials believe the OPM hack has jeopardized the private data of almost 22 million Americans. This includes addresses, health records, financial history and in some cases even fingerprints.

While many believe the hacks to have originated in China, government officials have been very careful to not pinpoint blame on the Chinese government just yet.

In Jeb’s most recent ad, he doesn’t make the distinction. He calls the OPM hack a “political hack” – words government officials have been careful not to say.

He goes on to (falsely) quote Katherine Archuleta, former-director of the Office of Personnel Management as saying “No one was responsible at OPM for this – the Chinese government was responsible.”

Although there may be strong evidence that the attacks came from Chinese groups, there is no record of Archuleta claiming that it was “the Chinese government” who actually orchestrated the attack.

Either way, Jeb goes on to blame Archuleta – and call for her resignation.

“No ma’am,” he said sternly in the ad, “you are responsible for it, and you ought to be fired.”

Well, looks like Jeb got his way again.

Archuleta insisted, as recent as Thursday that she had no immediate plans to step down. However, come Friday morning the pressure increased, and she announced her resignation before lunch.

This article originally appeared on I Agree to See.


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