Donald Trump’s Cheesiest Ad Isn’t From His Presidential Campaign


What do Napoleon Bonaparte, Alexander the Great and Donald Trump have in common?

According to Trump in this Australian Pizza Hut commercial from 2000, they are all cut from the same cloth… and they all have a big mouth.

What better way to showcase American gluttony than to have a New York billionaire act as the fan boy for a staple in American voracity: a pizza so big, the slices have to be folded in half in order for anyone to eat it. Ahh… America.

Donald and Ivana Trump’s Cheesy Reunion

The best part about Donald Trump being the Pizza Hut poster child is that he did it more than once (of course he did- he’s Donald Trump).

In 1995, shortly after Donald divorced his first wife Ivana Trump, the two appeared in a steamy stuffed crust pizza ad, where they used their recent divorce to joke about how they were going to split up the pizza.

“Can I have the last bite?” Ivana asks.

“Actually,” Donald interjects, “you’re only entitled to half.”

This article was originally published at I Agree to See. 


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