Jeb Jumbles Over a Clumsy Comment on American Workers


Shortly after Jeb Bush made a jumbled remark about thinking Americans should work longer hours, the Bush campaign was quick on its feet in releasing this 15-second ad called “Opportunity to Work.”

Jeb’s ad tries to clarify the Romney-like remarks by explaining that Jeb believes Americans with part-time jobs want more hours in order to receive full-time benefits for themselves and their families. That’s a little different than what he actually said.

The Left Lashes Back at Jeb

After Jeb mentioned longer hours during the newspaper interview, Hillary Clinton took to the Twitter-verse to criticize Gov. Bush for being out-of-touch with, and not understanding, hard working Americans.


Bush tweeted out a comeback to Hillary’s comment the next morning:


Can Jeb Bush Kick the Conservative Fever?

Pundits on both sides of the aisle agree; Jeb’s remarks are likely to stick with him for a while – don’t expect Dems to drop it either (except Bernie Sanders who semi-agreed with Jeb, once he clarified his response).

This article originally appeared at I Agree to See.


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