Of All the People to Call Out Donald Trump…


In this latest ad from Rick Perry’s presidential campaign, Perry “responds” to one of Donald Trump’s recent tweets criticizing Perry’s immigration policy.


Not only does the new spot remind Trump about the former Texas Governor’s “impressive” record with border security, Perry’s spot reminds Trump that Hispanics are “part of the fabric” of both Texas, and the country.

To his credit, Rick Perry really does have the authority to call out Trump regarding border patrol policies. After serving as the Governor of Texas for 15 years, Perry developed what could be argued as one of the most aggressive border security policies in recent memory.

During his time as governor, Perry deployed what many called a border patrol “army.” After sharply criticizing President Obama’s immigration policies, calling his amnesty policy an “unprecedented crisis,” Rick Perry hired an extra 3,000 border patrol agents, to replace the 1,000 National Guard troops he had already deployed to Texas’ southern border.

Donald Trump Is Crashing the Fiesta

In the 2016 race so far, many Republicans such as Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio haveboasted much more moderate stances on immigration reform in the United States, and a few Republicans now support some sort of legal path to citizenship.

Donald Trump is not one of those candidates. He has received a considerable amount of flack from the media lately after he suggested that illegal Mexican immigrants were akin to “murderers” and “rapists.”


As a result, Spanish speaking TV broadcast network Univision dropped Trump’s shows from its network, Macy’s dumped their Trump merchandise and even NASCAR is threatening to cut ties with the real estate mogul (a large extensive list of all the companies boycotting Donald Trump can be seen here.)

Trump’s Republican opponents have had mixed reactions to his comments. Many have carefully rejected them, but others, like Ted Cruz, say they “salute” Trump for a strong stance on immigration. Rick Perry however, was one of the first Republican candidates to clearly go after Trump.

Rick Perry: “Your remarks might make for good reality TV, but they are way out of touch with reality.”

To conclude this ad, Rick Perry makes it clear: Your comments about Mexicans are offensive and they don’t reflect the values of the Republican Party.”

“Mexican-Americans,” Perry continued, “have been part of the fabric of Texas from the very beginning.”

Even though Rick Perry has been accused of pushing “racist” immigration policies more than once during his time as Governor, he made no qualms embracing Latino’s in the end of this ad, saying that they have “fought on behalf of our state and our country, from the Alamo, to Afghanistan.”

Hopefully this ad will help Republicans pick up some of the pieces in the aftermath of the Mexican-Trumpian war.


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