Where has Ben Carson been?


If you have been following the 2016 presidential election as closely as we have, you are probably wondering – where has Ben Carson been?

After the retired surgeon’s flashy announcement celebration, Dr. Carson’s presidential campaign has been surprisingly quiet – especially in comparison to some of his GOP opponents that can’t seem to stay out of headlines.

Thankfully, for Ben Carson fans and political pundits alike, his official campaign just released an update – bringing everyone up to speed on what the campaign has been up to for the last month.

The update features Dr. Carson’s campaign manager Barry Bennett announcing a long list of grandiose claims – some of which stretch the truth.

“We have the number one Twitter site on politics in America”

Sorry Dr. Carson, but the “number one twitter site on politics in America” award goes to Barack Obama, by a bigger landslide than the 2008 election. The president’s near 62 million followers make Ben Carson’s 360,000 followers nearly laughable.


Oh did he actually mean the top Twitter following of the 2016 presidential campaign? False again. Bernie Sanders has Dr. Carson beat by about fifty thousand fans.


“We have more Facebook fans than Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush combined.”


This statement happens to be accurate. However, judging a campaign by Facebook fans is probably not a solid metric… considering Rand Paul’s two and a quarter million fans has every other candidate beat by a long shot and even Donald Trump has a little over two million.


“In the last ten polls, three of them we are rated first place and the others were averaging about third place”

Not sure what polls you have been looking at, but according to just about every legitimate poll in America, Ben Carson is overall hovering around fourth place.


Also, he has only polled in first place one time… by one point… in a poll from Monmouth University titled “No ‘Top Tier’ in 2016 GOP Race.” That poll also found that “undecided” was the “most popular response” amongst Republican voters.

“As of this morning, we have 210,000 donations… To put that in perspective, four years ago in the presidential campaign there were only about 218,000 people who donated, period.”

Well… no.

According to data from the Federal Elections Commission, about half of all the money donated in the 2012 presidential election was from 61 large donors. This is a problem that even deep-pocketed candidates like Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton are addressing in the 2016 presidential election.

However, the other half of donations in the 2012 presidential election came from 1,425,000 donors.


Also, if the number of donators is any indication of how the 2016 race will go, then Bernie Sanders is sitting pretty well with his 400,000 donations from 250,000 small donors.

“This is not grass roots, this is a forest”

That seems to be true. It’s a forest Ben Carson’s team seems to need a little help finding their way through.

This article originally appeared at I Agree to See.


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