Pawn Star Says Marco Rubio is a Good Investment


Rick Harrison, the star of the History channel’s hit show Pawn Stars says he knows a good investment when he sees one – and he is taking stock in 2016 presidential hopeful Marco Rubio.

Rubio visited the famous Gold & Silver Pawn Shop in May when he was campaigning through Nevada at the same time Hillary Clinton was there. WhileHillary didn’t stay long, Rubio stuck around long enough to make friends in the Las Vegas business circle.

Rick Harrison actually threw Marco Rubio’s 44th birthday party while he was in Las Vegas, which doubled as a fundraiser for Rubio, according to the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop’s personal blog.


Harrison: Rubio Isn’t Another ‘Doozie’

The ad opens with Harrison saying, “Over the past few years, people have tried to sell us some real doozies.” Half referring to his show, half referring to the U.S. government, the ad then cleverly jumps to a shot of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton bobble heads.

“But this is something people want,” Harrison says. “When this guy walked into my shop, I knew he was the real deal.”

After a few shots of Marco Rubio’s private tour around the pawnshop, we see a cut of Rubio addressing his policies while standing in front of a microphone in the middle of the shop – which is a little strange since the mirror over Rubio’s right shoulder clearly shows he isn’t exactly speaking to a crowd.


2016 Presidential Candidates Already Using the Buddy System

It’s never too early in a presidential campaign to start collecting celebrity endorsements, and in comparison to some of his GOP rivals, Rubio’s friendship with Harrison is probably a lot safer than say, Bobby Jindal’s controversial friendship with the cast of Duck Dynasty.


Although many may not see Rick Harrison, a T.V. star, as having a loud political voice, this isn’t the first time he has spoken up from the Republican camp. In a 2014 interview with FOX, Harrison denounced Obamacare and criticized big government, while promoting small business ­ – using his own successes as background.

Will Rubio’s celebrity endorsements help him in the presidential election? According to the most recent CNN/WMUR New Hampshire Republican Primary poll, Rubio is polling at 6%, behind frontrunners Jeb Bush and Scott Walker. As of now, Rubio will be above the cutoff for the first GOP presidential debate hosted by Fox News on August 6th, but there is still time for other candidates to rise in the polls.

This article originally appeared on I Agree to See.


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