Bernie Sanders Touts Poll “Momentum” in New Spot


Bernie Sanders’ new ad “Momentum” is unerringly titled with respect to his poll numbers – which to the surprise of many political pundits have been on a steady rise, although still far from Hillary Clinton.

Since he announced his candidacy in late April, Bernie has focused on organizing an “unprecedented” grassroots movement around his campaign, all while denouncing large corporate donations in the political realm.

“Don’t Underestimate Me:” Bernie Sanders Gains Momentum


So far, that grassroots organization has been hyperactive, with plenty of volunteers donating to Sanders’ campaign and making ads for his campaign (ads that don’t cost Bernie’s official campaign a dime).

“Momentum” on the other hand, is produced through Bernie’s official campaign and as a result follows closer to Bernie’s campaign theme “don’t underestimate me”.

This is a standard form in the world of political ads – moving background music and “best of” clips from Bernie’s most recent rallies. The ad also has something a little more impressive ­– shot after shot of packed auditoriums and huge crowds.


That may sound like an obvious shot any candidate would want to include in a political ad, but having more than a few people at your rally is enough to make candidates like Lincoln Chafee and Rick Santorum jealous.


But Bernie’s large crowds are no joke. In Kensett, Iowa, where Bernie recently spoke, over 300 people showed up to his rally… that’s larger than the actual population of Kensett, IA, which is 261 people. In Minneapolis, so many people showed up to see Bernie speak they actually spilled out into the streets.

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As an underdog, it’s good for Bernie to focus on this type of positive press. Bernie is reminding voters not to “underestimate” him, and a video full of large crowds and fiery speeches is a good way to get that point across.

Most political pundits are surprised and, in the case of Morning Joe’s Joe Scarborough, “shocked” at Bernie’s rise in the polls. A recent New Hampshire primary poll places Bernie 12 points away from Hillary – 44% to 32%.


But while his numbers might look great for a candidate who is considered an underdog, they still can’t compete with Hillary’s impenetrable poll numbers that have barely shifted despite constant shots from the GOP field.

This article originally appeared at I Agree to See. 


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