Rick Perry’s Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test


If presidential campaigns were based on “weirdness,” Rick Perry would win by a landslide.

Rick Perry has a pretty vibrant history of making some off color remarks, and most of his ads are just as weird – but this dystopian trip of a campaign ad is on a different planet.

Apparently, this video highlights Rick Perry’s economic successes during his time as the Governor of Texas… But we’re still trying to figure it out.

Bring a buddy – this ad is one long, strange trip.

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WE CANT STOP HERE THIS IS BAT COUNTRY...rick-perry-trippy-ad-acid-trip

Dude… what. 

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“The ACA is Here to Stay,” and for Hillary Clinton that’s A-Okay


Republicans love to highlight any instance where Hillary Clinton “flip-flops” on policy, but Thursday’s Supreme Court ruling marked a win for a stance she has almost always held – the need for health care reform. And Hillary Clinton’s new political video shows she intends to take advantage of that win.

In the 1990’s, the Clinton administration set out with the goal of creating a comprehensive plan to provide universal healthcare for all Americans – Hillary Clinton chaired the Task Force on National Health Care Reform during that time.


Hillary Throws Down the Gauntlet and Steps Up to the GOP

“Even after two Supreme Court verdicts and a presidential election, they are still fighting to take us backwards,” Clinton said, referring to the 2012 Supreme Court decision on the issue, and that year’s presidential election.

“I think we can sum up the message from the Court and the American people: ‘Move on.'”

Hillary’s new ad makes her stance pretty clear: “We must defend the Affordable Care Act.” This is a strong stance for a candidate who has been criticized by other presidential hopefuls in both parties for refraining from making a clear stance on controversial issues.

In this ad, Hillary makes sure to use her stance on the Affordable Care act to bolster her campaign rhetoric of “family first.” In the start of the ad, Hillary says to a small crowd at a bookstore, “I don’t know how many of you have had a terrible illness – and you know how hard that is, and you know what the impact is on the family trying to afford to give the best care that can possible be provided.”

During the speech she reaches out to an emotional Meghan Richardson who lives with Cystic Fibrosis, a genetic disease that primarily affects the lungs.


“So when [Hillary Clinton] had reached out, it was a really personal connection. Like, I’m here, I hear what you’re saying to me; I will do my best” the recent high school graduate says.

A strong stance on health care reform and a history to back it could win Hillary some major points with her base. Plus, Hillary is making personal connections with young men and women across the country, helping to soften her image.

For the 2016 Presidential Election, “The ACA is Here to Stay”


After Thursday’s Supreme Court ruling to uphold federal subsidies for the Affordable Care Act, many have questioned if this is the last attack we’ll see on healthcare.

The battle over the ACA isn’t over, but a complete abolishment of the act is highly unlikely because of the sheer number of Americans who have already signed up for government healthcare.

Congress can still amend the act through legislation, so this means the ACA will continue to be a hot button issue in the 2016 presidential election. And with Hillary’s past on this issue, she’ll be able to stick to her guns and prove to her base that she has been loyal to healthcare reform.

Pawn Star Says Marco Rubio is a Good Investment


Rick Harrison, the star of the History channel’s hit show Pawn Stars says he knows a good investment when he sees one – and he is taking stock in 2016 presidential hopeful Marco Rubio.

Rubio visited the famous Gold & Silver Pawn Shop in May when he was campaigning through Nevada at the same time Hillary Clinton was there. WhileHillary didn’t stay long, Rubio stuck around long enough to make friends in the Las Vegas business circle.

Rick Harrison actually threw Marco Rubio’s 44th birthday party while he was in Las Vegas, which doubled as a fundraiser for Rubio, according to the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop’s personal blog.


Harrison: Rubio Isn’t Another ‘Doozie’

The ad opens with Harrison saying, “Over the past few years, people have tried to sell us some real doozies.” Half referring to his show, half referring to the U.S. government, the ad then cleverly jumps to a shot of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton bobble heads.

“But this is something people want,” Harrison says. “When this guy walked into my shop, I knew he was the real deal.”

After a few shots of Marco Rubio’s private tour around the pawnshop, we see a cut of Rubio addressing his policies while standing in front of a microphone in the middle of the shop – which is a little strange since the mirror over Rubio’s right shoulder clearly shows he isn’t exactly speaking to a crowd.


2016 Presidential Candidates Already Using the Buddy System

It’s never too early in a presidential campaign to start collecting celebrity endorsements, and in comparison to some of his GOP rivals, Rubio’s friendship with Harrison is probably a lot safer than say, Bobby Jindal’s controversial friendship with the cast of Duck Dynasty.


Although many may not see Rick Harrison, a T.V. star, as having a loud political voice, this isn’t the first time he has spoken up from the Republican camp. In a 2014 interview with FOX, Harrison denounced Obamacare and criticized big government, while promoting small business ­ – using his own successes as background.

Will Rubio’s celebrity endorsements help him in the presidential election? According to the most recent CNN/WMUR New Hampshire Republican Primary poll, Rubio is polling at 6%, behind frontrunners Jeb Bush and Scott Walker. As of now, Rubio will be above the cutoff for the first GOP presidential debate hosted by Fox News on August 6th, but there is still time for other candidates to rise in the polls.

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Bernie Sanders Touts Poll “Momentum” in New Spot


Bernie Sanders’ new ad “Momentum” is unerringly titled with respect to his poll numbers – which to the surprise of many political pundits have been on a steady rise, although still far from Hillary Clinton.

Since he announced his candidacy in late April, Bernie has focused on organizing an “unprecedented” grassroots movement around his campaign, all while denouncing large corporate donations in the political realm.

“Don’t Underestimate Me:” Bernie Sanders Gains Momentum


So far, that grassroots organization has been hyperactive, with plenty of volunteers donating to Sanders’ campaign and making ads for his campaign (ads that don’t cost Bernie’s official campaign a dime).

“Momentum” on the other hand, is produced through Bernie’s official campaign and as a result follows closer to Bernie’s campaign theme “don’t underestimate me”.

This is a standard form in the world of political ads – moving background music and “best of” clips from Bernie’s most recent rallies. The ad also has something a little more impressive ­– shot after shot of packed auditoriums and huge crowds.


That may sound like an obvious shot any candidate would want to include in a political ad, but having more than a few people at your rally is enough to make candidates like Lincoln Chafee and Rick Santorum jealous.


But Bernie’s large crowds are no joke. In Kensett, Iowa, where Bernie recently spoke, over 300 people showed up to his rally… that’s larger than the actual population of Kensett, IA, which is 261 people. In Minneapolis, so many people showed up to see Bernie speak they actually spilled out into the streets.

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As an underdog, it’s good for Bernie to focus on this type of positive press. Bernie is reminding voters not to “underestimate” him, and a video full of large crowds and fiery speeches is a good way to get that point across.

Most political pundits are surprised and, in the case of Morning Joe’s Joe Scarborough, “shocked” at Bernie’s rise in the polls. A recent New Hampshire primary poll places Bernie 12 points away from Hillary – 44% to 32%.


But while his numbers might look great for a candidate who is considered an underdog, they still can’t compete with Hillary’s impenetrable poll numbers that have barely shifted despite constant shots from the GOP field.

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GOP Sore From the SCOTUS Smackdown


Within seconds of the United States Supreme Court’s 6-3 decision to uphold the Affordable Care Act subsidies, the GOP released this attack ad. Don’t worry, Republicans, at least you now have Obamacare to treat the burn from SCOTUS.

But what GOP attack ad would be complete without firing shots at Hillary? In the ad, Republicans shift the blame for healthcare reform from President Barack Obama to Hillary Clinton in preparation for the 2016 presidential election.

In the 1990s, during the Clinton administration, Hillary was a strong proponent for healthcare reform. The ad flashes images of Hillary during a committee hearing supporting these reforms, while superimposed with quotes from Obama praising the Clintons for their involvement in the bill’s roots.


#SCOTUSCare Decision Puts Republicans on the War Path

Republicans have tried and failed over 55 times to repeal Obamacare in the U.S. House of Representatives and it may look like the odds are against them after this Supreme Court ruling. But the fight isn’t over, especially as we head into the 2016 presidential elections.

Jeb Bush stated that he was “disappointing by the ruling.” He asserted, “As President of the United States, I would make fixing our broken healthcare system one of my top priorities.”

Scott Walker stated, “Today’s #SCOTUSCare ruling means Republicans must redouble their efforts to repeal and replace this destructive and costly law.”


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Bernie Sanders’ Grassroots Campaign Launches Video


Since Senator Bernie Sanders entered the 2016 Presidential Election, the surge of grassroots support has been setting records for the cycle.

In the first 24 hours since he announced his candidacy, Sanders raised over $1.5 million – with donations averaging $43. What was even more surprising was his announcement on MSNBC’s The Rachel Maddow Show that he already had organized over 175,000 campaign volunteers.

So keeping with that volunteer spirit, Bernie’s new ad wasn’t created by a million dollar campaign machine – it was produced by members of Bernie Sanders’ grassroots Reddit community.

Bernie Sanders’ Grassroots Campaign Begins to Bloom

In addition to saving Sanders’ campaign a few extra bucks, the ad also answers a key question: can old-timer Bernie really organize a successful grassroots campaign?

A one-off campaign video is hardly proof that his campaign has managed to mobilize the massive grassroots movement it claims, but it does show his grassroots supporters are getting to work.

The Bernie Sanders 2016 Campaign Mosaic

One of Bernie Sanders’ major platforms is his argument to get money out of politics. So he is encouraging his supporters to start their own “mini-campaigns.”

This first effort is getting high marks, but it is certainly counter to the oft-repeated mantra of “message discipline.”

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