Some May Be ‘Ready for Hillary,’ but Are You Ready for Joe?


Even without an “official” announcement, Democrats nationwide are becoming more “Ready for Hillary.” Even Hillary is ready for Hillary ¬– over the past several months she has been working on hiring campaign staff and cozying up to donors. She’s also already been endorsed by over half of the Democrats in the U.S. Senate – and growing.

But while Republicans are struggling to find their star child, some Democrats are considering what a ballot without Hillary would look like. You may be “Ready for Hillary,” but are you “Ready for Joe?”

Joe Biden May Have a Better Chance in the 2016 Election Than You Think


Creepy shoulder rubs aside; many political pundits are arguing that Joe Biden may not be a bad choice for a nominee. After 46 years in politics, he has an exceptional record and more recently, he has held a decent reputation as Vice President.Recent polls show that 71% of Democratic voters think highly of him.

There is even a “Draft Biden” petition rolling around the Internet, and it already has almost five thousand signatures.

Although far from an official declaration, even Biden himself has left options on the table for a 2016 election campaign. In February, he told reporters in Iowa that he was going to wait until “the end of the summer” before making a decision.

Biden is no DNC MVP, But That Could Change

But Joe Biden has one major roadblock on the road to the presidency, and it isn’t his shoddy backrub technique – it’s Hillary Clinton.

The same polls that show the Vice President as being in a favorable light amongst Democratic voters also show that, when it comes to the presidency, 62% of them have Hillary staked out as a first choice.

Joe Biden has already spent the last seven years as “number two,” and if he places his bid for the 2016 election, he may have to deal with being second string again. But he might get a chance to play if first string can’t finish the game.

This article originally appeared at I Agree to See. 


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