Dr. Stephen Kane helps discover Kepler-186f


News You Should Know: Week of April 14


Hello my future rulers of the world, and Happy Monday.

My name is Andrew Cullen. I am the editor-in-chief over at Xpress. Today, I bring you what is to be the first of many articles of “News You Should Know,” a weekly news round-up for college kids.

I know how hard it can be juggling school, work and alcohol, let alone staying up on current events. Since it’s my job to read news, each week I will bring you a list of all the important and weird things that have happened over the week and tell you why you probably shouldn’t go out in public without knowing a little about them.

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News you should know: Ukrainian Special


I’m going to assume you know about the crisis in Ukraine, but I’m going to assume you don’t really know what is going on. Let’s face it, no one really does. In an attempt to better understand this whole debacle myself, here is the short version of how we got to this cluster-fuck of a situation we are in now.

Last November, Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych said he was going to sign an agreement with the European Union that basically allowed free trade between them. This would have been the tits for Ukraine’s economy, but majorly busted Russia’s balls for a variety of reasons; most notably, because Ukraine is Russia’s number one trading partner and this agreement would have been a major middle finger in Putin’s face.

Also, Ukraine hosts a bunch of gas pipelines that transfer Russian natural gas to Europe. About a quarter of Europe’s natural gas comes from Ukrainian lines.

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SF State was never a sports-oriented school, never should be


Think back to that moment you chose to come to SF State. You knew you wanted to go to college but the process of picking the right one depends on many factors. Maybe you came because you’re a local and it was the obvious choice or maybe coming to SF State was less about the school and more about getting the chance to live in San Francisco.

CartoonDrawn by Jordan Cerminara

If you are like most of us, San Francisco has a certain allure to it that can’t be found anywhere else on Earth and has history to back it.

San Francisco is where beatniks became; where Jack Kerouac slaved over his typewriter and Allen Ginsberg wrote in blood and called it “art.”

This is where Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix and Jim Morrison took countless hits of Monterey Purple, spoke with God and regurgitated his words into music.

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