Rampant social injustice and inequality perpetuates chaos


In the last few years our country has slid further into a state of distress, where some of the most devastating violence is being carried out by civilians and war is being waged by government entities.

The country feared Christopher Dorner, mourned the death of Boston Marathon runners, prayed for Sandy Hook families, witnessed The Dark Knight come alive in Colorado, wept in solidarity with Virginia Tech, bled with the victims of Fort Hood and stood in shock as LAX became a morgue. We watched 13 fall in the naval yard of our nation’s capitol only weeks before a man indulged in self immolation at the National Mall. Just last week, the people of Maryland witnessed a mall shooting that resulted in the death of two young employees.

In all of these incidences, motives ranged from radical Jihadism to mental illness, gun control and political oppression. Whatever motive has been linked to the breaking point of any of the assailants, make no mistake: this type of chaos is bred from the womb of inequality and given sustenance from the breast of oppression.

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Potential environmental hazards close Science Building


The Science Building has been closed due to the discovery of potential environmental hazards that were found during a routine environmental health evaluation earlier this week.

UPDATE: Environmental hazards are confirmed to be traces of mercury.

The University closed the rooms this week to conduct further testing and have since identified other potential hazards. The entire building has since been closed since 5:00 p.m. Friday, Jan. 10.

According to an email from SF State President Leslie E. Wong, the building will be closed until at least Jan. 15, though the reopening date is only speculation at this time.

“The University’s hope is that by making this temporary closure, we can quickly identify any problems that may exist and complete treatments or repairs in time for the start of spring semester,” Wong said in his email.

For the time being, staff who work in the building have been instructed to check with their supervisor for alternative work locations and faculty should consult with their department chair.

Details on the type of potential hazards, have not yet been provided.