Guardians of the Republic: How social media inspired a generation


The tides of journalism are changing drastically from print media to online, and the journalists themselves must turn with them, or sink. As the world becomes increasingly interconnected via the internet, anyone can become a pseudo-famous journalist, literally overnight, simply by being at the right place at the right time and making the quick decision to capture it on a camera phone and upload it to the internet. This has lead to the decline and even collapse of once major print media companies, where the internet has become the largest source of where people obtain their news (Pew). Only the biggest and best sources can survive, assuming that they find an efficient way to transfer their traditional print style into an online source. While by its very definition, journalism is still the driving force to promote social change, the game has changed, and so have its players. The birth of anonymous online journalism is quickly becoming the most powerful and socially interconnected force in the world directly playing huge rolls in conflicts as diverse as the revolutions in the Middle East and North Africa and the Occupy Wall Street Movement.

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